Principles and Values

The Authority reaffirms its commitment to conduct its operations under high ethical and moral standards, which guide our organizational culture to fulfill the responsibilities and commitments we contract with our employees, contractors, suppliers and the People of Puerto Rico.

Our values serve as a guide to achieve the goals that we establish as individuals and as members of the Authority's work team. These determine the correctness of our actions and decisions and govern the behavior of our employees as public servants.

These principles and values include:

We act with honesty and integrity following the highest ethical and moral principles in both our public and private actions.

We treat our clients, co-workers and the general public with dignity, consideration and respect.

We exercise our functions and carry out our processes with transparency. We provide our customers with access to information about our technical and commercial operations. We ensure equal, objective and non-discriminatory treatment for all our customers, employees, contractors and suppliers.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, providing an excellent service focused on your needs. We establish effective communication to respond to service requests in an agile and productive way.

We face our current and future challenges with motivated and trained colleagues who carry out their work with dedication and pride. Our commitment is to provide them with the necessary work tools and training that allow them to carry out their work efficiently and work as a team to achieve excellence.

We have a firm commitment to the health and safety of employees and the People of Puerto Rico. We train our employees and provide them with the safety equipment to perform their functions in accordance with the standards and good safety practices in the electrical industry, and thus maintain a healthy and accident-free workplace.

We protect the economic interests of the company through a faithful compliance with our budgetary goals. We establish a competitive tariff structure in accordance with the strictly necessary costs to provide a quality service to our customers and maintain our financial stability.

Our facilities operate in compliance with applicable federal and state laws for the protection of the environment. We are proactive in the use of cleaner energy sources with lower emissions, which are favorable for the environment.