The Governing Board (Board) of the Electric Power Authority (Authority) meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month, or as otherwise provided by the Board. At the request of the President or the Executive Director, the date may vary, and the Board may meet in special or extraordinary meetings on the date or other dates determined by the President. The matters to be considered in those meetings have to be notified ahead of time to the members of the board.

The Secretary of the Board prepares the calls to the meeting and sends them to the members and to the Executive Director. The meetings are held at the conference room of the Board, but with the consent of the members, they can be held at any other place. The call indicates the date and place of the meeting, but it is not necessary to indicate the purpose when it is a regular or ordinary meeting. The call will be sent by email at least forty-eight hours before the set date for the meeting.

The matters to be considered by the Board comes from the different directorates of the Authority and shall be submitted for the signature of the Executive Director in sufficient time so that they may be presented before the Secretary within the time stipulated by the Governing Board. All meetings are led by the President or, in his absence, by the Vice President. In case of absence of both officers, the meeting will be chaired by the member to whom the President delegates.

Four (4) members of the Board constitute quorum to conduct the affairs of the Board and any other purpose. All agreements are made by no less than four (4) of its members. If there is no quorum, the meeting can be postponed, provided that all absent members are notified. If there is a quorum, the postponement of the meeting can also be agreed.

The Executive Director may attend to all meetings of the Board but does not have the right to vote. The Officers of the Authority, and the persons designated by a member of the Board or an Officer who acts as their advisor, or any other person invited and admitted by the Board, may attend the meetings, but shall not have the right to vote.

Entre los documentos que rigen esta Junta se encuentran: la Ley Núm. 83 de 2 de mayo de 1941, según enmendada; los Estatutos Corporativos (By-Laws), y el Manual Administrativo de la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica, Sección 1002.