The Governing Board (Board) of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) will meet regularly every third Tuesday of each month, or as disposed by the Board. The President or the Executive Director may request a different date so the Board can meet for special or extraordinary meetings on the dates deemed necessary. Matters to be discussed on those meetings must be notified to the members of the Board beforehand.

The Secretary of the Board will prepare and send to the members and the Executive Director the announcements. Meetings are held in the conference room of the Board, but, with consent of the members, they can be held on any other place. The announcement will indicate the date and place of the meeting. It is not necessary to indicate the purpose of the meeting for regular or ordinary sessions. Announcements are sent via email with at least forty-eight (48) hours advance notice of the meeting.

Matters to be considered by the Board come from different directorships of PREPA to be submitted for the signing by the Executive Director, with enough time as stipulated by the Board, to be presented to the Secretary. All meetings will be led by the President or, in his/her absence, the Vice-president. If both officials are absent, the meeting will be led by the member of the Board appointed by the President.

Four (4) members is enough quorum to conduct a meeting or any other board matter. All agreements and concerning matters have to be approved by no less than four (4) members of the Board. If there is not enough quorum, the meeting can be postponed, as long as all absent members are notified. If there is enough quorum the meeting can also be postponed by agreement.

The Executive Director may attend all meetings of the board but does not have the right to vote. PREPA officials, designated persons by a member of the Board or any other official that acts as a consultant can also be present on any meeting, but none of them will have the right to vote.

Among the documents that govern the Board are: Law Num. 83, May 2, 1941, as amended; By-Laws, and the Administrative Manual of PREPA, Section 1002.