Welcome to the Governing Board of the Electric Power Authority Portal


To be an integral, united and committed Governing Board that represents the people of Puerto Rico in order to lead the transformation of its Electric Power Authority, guide it to achieve its vision and promote the sustainable development of the country through the achievement of the following strategic objectives. 

  • Earn the respect and trust of customers.
  • Integrity, willingness and commitment in the performance of its human resources.
  • Innovation in operations and infrastructure for greater effectiveness and efficiency.
  • A robust financial condition based on fair rates and diversification of services.


Service of excellence to all: Values, Respect, Courage, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Transparency.

Live Meetings

In this section you can see the live meetings of the Governing Board

Next Regular Meeting, Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
Upcoming Meetings

Below is the itinerary of the next meetings and their agendas. Governing Board meetings are dynamic, so Agendas undergo sudden changes.

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Link to the PREPA Governing Board Meetings recordings:

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