Electric System 

The Authority has a modern electrical system that serves the entire island. This system comprises the phases of power generation, transmission and distribution, which brings electricity to 1,449,211 customers.


Most of the energy produced by the AEE is generated in four main power stations: Costa Sur, Complejo Aguirre, San Juan and Palo Seco. The installed capacity is 5,839 MW. 69 percent of production is from fuel.


The transmission system consists of 2,478 miles of 230KV, 115KV transmission lines and 38KV subtransmission lines. It has 48 transmission centers. 


The distribution lines total around 31,446 air miles and 1,723 underground miles. Part of this system is made up of 293 substations and 27 technical offices.

AEE Palo Seco
Palo Seco Power Plant

Capacity (MW) : 602
Location: Cataño
Year of Construction: 1960-1970
Fuel Type: Residual # 6

AEE Aguirre
Aguirre Thermoelectric Power Plant

Capacity (MW) : 900
Location: Salinas
Year of Construction: 1975
Fuel Type: Residual # 6

Aguirre Combined Cycle Power Plant

Capacity (MW) : 592
Location: Salinas
Year of Construction: 1977
Fuel Type: Distilled # 2

AEE San Juan
Costa Sur Power Plant

Capacity (MW): 990
Location: Guayanilla
Year of Construction: 1962-1973
Fuel Type: Residual # 6

AEE Central San Juan
San Juan Thermoelectric Power Plant

Capacity (MW) : 400
Location: San Juan
Year of Construction: 1965-1969
Fuel Type: Residual # 6

San Juan Combined Cycle Power Plant

Capacity (MW) : 464
Location: San Juan
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Fuel Type: Distilled # 2