Supply Division

Suppliers Division

The Supply Division is responsible for the purchase, shipment, receipt, inspection and administration of goods, equipment, materials and services necessary for the operation, conservation and in the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. The Purchasing Department assigned to Supplies has the mission to establish and administer the rules, procedures and laws that regulate purchases. In addition, it administers the Registry of Suppliers, which has the function of maintaining a file of natural or legal persons accredited to supply the necessary goods and services or for the purchase of movable or immovable property.

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department has the function of establishing and administering the rules, procedures and laws that regulate purchases. Its main responsibility is to acquire goods or services at a competitive cost that guarantees the best quality without undermining quality. The Authority generates different purchasing methods according to their needs. The Department is divided into several sections that are responsible for the different procurement processes.

General Purchases

The General Purchasing Section is responsible for making major purchases. They are made by request of prices or auctions. Price Requests are purchases of up to $ 200,000 and several bidders compete and are exempt from the Auction process by Law 234 of December 11, 2011. Purchases by Auction are those over $ 200,000 through the invitation and publication process on the Internet for Submit your offers. The Auction Regulations contain uniform guidelines for the recommendation, adjudication and approval of auctions for the acquisition of goods and services in accordance with the Law.

Local Purchases

The Local Purchasing Section is responsible for making purchases when the value of the same is of limited amount. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority works its purchases under $ 4,000 electronically.

Suppliers may receive price requests from officials of the Authority. It is important to note that this action does not constitute a purchase commitment on our part. The purchasing officers are the authorized personnel to formalize purchase orders between PREPA and the suppliers.

For additional information about the minor purchase process, please access Here.


The Verification Department is the support office of the Supply Division, with the procedures and regulations established for the creation, verification, correction, analysis, investigation and processing of invoices, purchase orders, service contracts, transportation and other necessary documents for the payment of bills and services.  Guides personnel from other divisions and the general public about the established rules and procedures.