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Irregularities in Electric Power Consumption 

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Theft can be expensive 

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority loses a substantial amount of income from theft of energy in Puerto Rico annually. When energy is stolen it's cost is transferred to honest customers. As in any other business, the economic losses due to Theft of Energy increase the operational costs. These costs, by themselves, are high without adding the aggravating theft. 

It’s dangerous. Theft of Energy represents a safety hazard. Interventions with the meter or power lines carry the danger of explosion, fire, electric shock, damage to property and even death. The potential dangers of Electricity Theft involve not only the thief, but the innocent members of the family, friends, neighbors and employees of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.. 

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is committed to eliminate the Theft of Energy. Our employees are trained to detect signs of tampering or alteration of meters and power lines. In addition, we use electronic analysis of meter data to detect Energy Theft. Those individuals we identify as responsible will be subject to immediate disconnection from the service, recovery of money for stolen energy, more administrative fines of up to $ 100,000, and prosecution for criminal charges that may result in imprisonment for 3 years. 

The information offered by the public, which can be anonymous, is a useful tool to investigate potential cases of Energy Theft.